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Our Patients Are Our Number One Priority.

(530)BUZ-MEDS (530-289-6337) – Satisfaction guaranteed. FREE delivery in Truckee w/ 1/8 contribution. Ask about FREE delivery to Kings Beach, Tahoe City, and Squaw Valley. New members/Renewals get a FREE 42mg Lollipop. All orders include a FREE Indica or Sativa Candy. We are bringing North Lake Tahoe top shelf indoor medicines at bottom shelf prices. Try us out and ask about our FREE two day delivery anywhere in the state. Local sales tax added to all orders.

Tahoe Meds guarantees your satisfaction with our product! If you do not feel that you got what you ordered or the quality is less than expected, call us up and we’ll fix it or give you a 100% refund. We want all our members to be completely satisfied with our service and product. (We reserve the right to prorate refunds based on quantity returned.)

The organizing members of Tahoe Meds waited patiently for an opportunity to bring North Tahoe patients a storefront with low overhead and sane suggested contributions. Many of our patients come from high cost areas with insanely high overhead for storefronts near their primary residences. Those costs get passed right into the price of the medicines they get there. Truckee has relatively low overhead costs that would result in lower costs for patients when they are visiting here.

Our sincere hope was that the California Supreme court would apply a common sense interpretation to proposition 215 by allowing patients like us to associate collectively and cooperatively at a common physical location forcing our city and others to lift outright bans on physical storefronts. Sadly the recent California Supreme court decision (CITY OF RIVERSIDE V INLAND EMPIRE PATIENTS HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER, INC., et al) has put that off until we can successfully lobby our city and/or county officials to make this common sense change. It’s going to be a while.

In the interim we are here to make same day deliveries of the medicines you need right to your doorstep in North Lake Tahoe and anywhere in the state (but that takes about 48 hours).

Tahoe Meds’ associate, Evexia Science, has developed tabletized full extract tablets. For those patients interested in high dose cannabinoid therapy, Evexia Science High Dose Maintenance provides 100mg CBD and 400mg THC daily. To get to those doses, you will need to do a safe ramp-up. Evexia Science High Dose Ramp Up gets the patient from zero to 100mg+400mg safely and with fewest side effects. The four-times-per-day punch cards make getting the right dose on the right day super easy.